A little about my thought process

Art, not unlike science, is a quest for a new, greater understanding and expression of ourselves and our universe. My own process of discovery through art, however, is not scientific. It is more akin to an esoteric or even spiritual approach to the unknown. It is not fueled by finding some kind of answers, but rather, finding new and innovative ways of asking better questions. When I feel most tuned in to my process, I experience the sensation of being a conduit rather than a creator. It is as if the ideas come through me rather than from me, as if I am only a medium giving the abstract a physical form. This act of channeling and creation brings meaning to my existence. The source is the great mystery and I believe, unknowable and therefore infinite. The same conclusion is often derived through scientific exploration, the edges of Universe always loom beyond our sight around the next bend. What is most important is the journey, because ultimately, that is all there is.

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